What is DevOps Helpdesk?

A web application for managing tickets. Easy-to-use ticket management system integrated with Microsoft DevOps (Azure Board).

For all teams handling external and internal customer tickets on a daily basis.


Automate Ticket Management Process.
Save time for your customers and your support team!

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    Provide customers an easy way to create and comment on tickets from anywhere and on any device with internet access: via ticket form in the helpdesk or email,

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    Integrate your support team's workspace directly with the ticket management system: customer tickets automatically appear on the support team's board and are assigned to relevant projects and individuals,

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    Simplify change management for everyone involved: customers and support team can quickly respond to new comments and status changes in tickets through automatic email notifications,

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    Give customers the ability to track the progress and effort spent on their requests in real-time: information about budgets and work efforts updates in real-time.

Quick start. No hefty budget or complicated setup required. Option to integrate the helpdesk with other systems.

How DevOps Helpdesk Works?

External/Internal Customer creates tickets directly in ADO helpdesk or via email. Can track the progress of the ticket being worked on by the support team in real-time, add comments, attachments, and interested individuals related to the ticket being worked on, . Information about changes in the ticket, such as current status and efforts, as well as comments, is updated in real-time. Customers have access to the full history of their tickets in one place.

Support team works on the DevOps board (Azure Board). When a new ticket appears in the ADO helpdesk, the administrator accepts the ticket for processing, ensuring the cleanliness of developers' task boards and eliminating unwanted tickets (spam/unauthorized user submissions). After ticket acceptance, a ticket is automatically created on the DevOps board (depending on Work Item Type configuration, e.g., Issue) and is assigned to the person responsible for processing or task allocation. Support team communicates with the customer directly from their work environment in Azure Board.

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